April 19, 2024



Region 10 CDCs being empowered

REO Dwight John

Community Development Councils (CDCs) registered in Region 10, have benefited from several projects throughout the 2021 budget year, according to Regional Executive Officer, Region 10, Dwight John. John told INFO 10, that several CDCs benefited from small contracts that came under emergency works such as cleaning of drains, de-bushing and simple construction. Most of these projects he said, are not skill-based but labour intensive work and in an effort to empower these CDCs, the jobs were given to them. Some communities that benefited are Block 22, West Watooka, Wisroc,  Muritaro and Great Falls. In the Upper-Demerara community of Muritaro, a water trestle was completed while the CDC in Great Falls was awarded the contract to complete a sanitary block. This he said is to ensure the local content policy is realised in the region and that budgeted funds are trickled down to the ordinary man.

Sherry James, Chairman of West Watooka CDC, said the council would have completed drainage  and a de-bushing project. In addition, the CDC will be given the contract to maintain a canal and a sewage that was recently constructed.

Mr. Derron John, Chairman of the Wisroc CDC said his council also received contracts to clear and de-bush. He posited that his CDC would have submitted a proposal for further development in their community to open and rebuild drains and to build basic culverts where possible. “We are waiting on approval for that, but it is likely to be approved in the 2022 budget, since the year is almost to an end.”

CDCs are elected in communities to oversee the day-to-day functions of the community and to generate funds for minority groups residing in the community such as youths and single parents.