April 19, 2024



Linden man fearful for life, as attacker walks free

—-recalls horror of being brutally chopped, body parts severed

Cutlass attack survivor- Clarles Clark

Two years after he was brutally chopped about his body by a jealous ex-lover of his female friend, 58-year-old Charles Clark of Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden, is fearful for his life after he received threats from his alleged attacker, who was released on bail even before the trial commences. Clark had his left arm and right ear severed from the attack and was mercilessly chopped about his body by Dave Smart, who was sentenced to 18 months in jail for attacking his female friend but is now back on the road.

 The fearful Clark told INFO 10, that Smart, who spent time in jail prior for chopping at least two other persons, is now back on the road, without spending a night for the heinous crime he committed on him, which has left him with permanent wounds and his arm amputated. He is unable to work, travel to St Kitts, where his family resides and experiences severe pain daily, especially when it rains.

 The bloody night occurred on October 4th, 2019, at Blue Berry Hill, Wismar. Clark was spending time at a female he had met one week prior while hanging out with his brothers at the Five Corner. She invited him to her home where he spent one week as he got to know her. He said family members warned him that he may be involving himself in a triangular love affair, but when he confronted his female friend, she said she was single. One night however, when they were sleeping, they heard the door kicked down and someone shouted, “a know yal deh in hay.” “All I see is she run out and this man with this cutlass fire a chop at she hand, so I hustle to run through the back door and he ran behind me and start firing chop all over me. Every time the cutlass catch me, I start see stars but I still trying to run, while I running, I slip and there he finished me off, chop off my hand, chop, chop, chop until I didn’t know my self anymore,” Clark disclosed.

Luckily, the female friend’s daughter, escaped the attack as Smart was also attempting to chop her. Clark spent two months in the hospital and had to undergo three surgeries. The attacker was arrested and placed before the court. He was found guilty of chopping the female friend, but because of the brutality of his attack, the Magistrate transferred Clark’s matter to the High Court since he was charged with attempted murder. “Two years now and the case has not started in the High Court, I run round and round, not getting any answers. I know many cases came up after mine and already try, what happen to mine, I don’t know. I went to the DPP, I went to the Court, all they are saying is Mr. Clark, your case will be tried,” the distraught man said. The attacker’s 18 months has ended and he is was placed on bail for the attempted murder charge. Clark said many persons have reached him already and told him they saw his attacker who reportedly said he has to finish Clark off. Fearing for his life, Clark said he went to report the alleged threat to the Wismar Police Station but he was told he has to hear it himself. He said he is now terribly fearful for his life as it is clear his attacker is fearless and has ‘belly’ to do anything. “A man he attacked before, told me the same man burst open he whole belly and he is ready to testify on my behalf; another man this man jook up before, this man has no mercy and I need justice, I am now frighten to even leave my home,” he said.

Since the attack, Clark said he was unable to return to St Kitts, where he worked for many years. He now is completely dependable on his family and public assistance payment. “I can’t  even lift a bucket of water with my other hand, this one gone. People does have to rescue me with lil food, I does feel pain day in, day out. Every time it rains, it shocks me because of the steel in my hand, it is not easy for me and now I have to be anxious with this man back on the road. If you look at it, I didn’t get any justice at all.”

Clark is calling on the High Court to try his case expeditiously so he can receive the justice he deserves.