December 2, 2023



Emila Melanie bringing the spa to you

Young cosmetologist making Lindeners feel beautiful in the comfort of their home

Cosmetologist – Emila Melanie Cumberbatch

By Abiola Archer

It is the innate desire of humans to be pampered; the feel beautiful. As much as we all love going to get a haircut, massage, manicure, or pedicure, we often find it hard to make the time. We are all so busy with the mundane things of life, when we do find ourselves with a day off, we may not want to leave the house. The thought of changing out of your PJs, hopping in the car, and getting a pedicure sounds tedious rather than relaxing. However, with the help of “M3L’s Beauty Spa”, you can now have the ‘full package’ spa treatment, in the comfort of your home.

For Linden cosmetologist, Emila Melanie Cumberbatch, providing home care spa services is not just a career, it is a calling. This determined mother of four, launched her business April 2021, during the climax of the deadly Covid19 pandemic, a time when businesses were closing and the world’s economy was on a downward trend. Realising that Linden is filled with nail salons and experienced nail technicians, she decided it is more wise to find a niche, utilising her skill, hence the idea of home-care services was not popular in Linden. “The difference about my business is that I try to bring a spa atmosphere to you, when I go to your home,” she said.

It all began five years ago when Cumberbatch completed a cosmetology course with “Exclusive nails” by Latasha Greene. She was then given the opportunity to work in the salon for some time. She however had to leave the job to focus on her responsibility as a mother, to nurture her children. Being at home eventually got boring and financially challenging, so she quickly became creative on how she can hone her skills and still have enough time to tend to her children. In March 2021, it was one of her friend’s mother’s birthday and her friend wanted to surprise her mom with a spa treatment for the occasion, so she gave Emila the opportunity to do the job.  After she completed the job, she said she felt good because the elderly woman expressed how happy, comfortable and pleased she was with her service. She decided that woman would be her first client, but not her last. “I have developed a passion for cosmetology and have not been able to work on the market, I then decided to advertise some pedicure ads on WhatsApp and the word started to spread,” she said.  “At first I wasn’t certain if it was a good idea or if I can do it but along the way I met people who encouraged me to continue and keep up the good work.”

Her customers became her main advertisement tool, since they were the ones referring clients to her, based on their experience with her. Like any other business, the first few months’ work was challenging because of transportation, the fact that her business was launched in the middle of a pandemic and that it was a new service but however, she pushed on. “I am glad that I did because I can now work at my own pace and try new things and I’m able to meet people’s needs at their time and in their comfort space as well.  Now I am also financially stable,” she related.

Today this young cosmetologist who is on a mission to establish her own spa one day in Linden, said she is glad that she continued her passion because she was able to provide a better life for her children and is enjoying the way she is doing it. Her advice to youths is, “be focused, and if you have a goal or something you want to do work towards, it would not be a smooth road but in the end, it will pay off.” Anyone residing in Linden desirous of experiencing the spa treatment of M3L’s Beauty Spa, can book their appointment on 669-3729.