May 26, 2024



Kwakwani Hospital gets new ambulance

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), Rudolph Small handed over the keys of the ambulance to Andrea Logan, steward, of the Kwakwani Hospital.

Residents of the Upper-Berbice community of Kwakwani, can now be assured that transfers to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), will not be affected with the provision of a spanking new fully equipped off-road ambulance to the Kwakwani Hospital. On Monday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LHC, Rudolph Small handed over the keys to Andrea Logan, Steward attached to the Kwakwani Hospital. The community has been without a functional ambulance close to one year.

Mr. Small thanked the Ministry of Health for its timely provision of a new ambulance for the Upper- Berbice district. “I am very grateful to the government for acceding to our request for a new ambulance that would benefit the people of Kwakwani and the people in the riverine communities in the Berbice River.

Small posited that efforts are being made to provide better healthcare services to the residents of Kwakwani and other outlying communities. “It is guranteed that Kwakwani Hospital will be amongst the best healthcare institutions in Guyana. Mr. Archer and his colleagues who were part of the steering committee at the Hospital, have been very instrumental in lobbying for a new ambulance for the community,” Mr. Small said.

Paris Archer said himself and colleagues began lobbying for a new ambulance approximately one year ago and is grateful that same was provided.

Small urged the drivers at the Kwakwani Hospital to take “good care” of the ambulance, so that the institution can continue to provide exceptional health care services