May 23, 2024



Norton claims removal of LUSCSL board is about political control

–Management Committee will not recognise IMC; will take legal action against ministry

By Abiola Archer

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton engaging members of LUSCSL

At his Friday engagement with members of the Linden Utility Cooperative Society Limited (LUSCSL), on the recent dissolution of its management committee following the installation of an Interim Management Committee, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, said that this move is not about accountability and transparency as is claimed by the Ministry of Labour, but about political control. “This is not about accountability and transparency, but this is about political control; to ensure domination and control. They want to remove the subsidies so that they can do as they like with Linden, to put them under pressure so that they can become more dependent on them,” he claimed.

These claims however have since been rubbished by Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, who posited that the subsidy will not be removed. Some members who turned up to the meeting said they are pleased with the way the management committee is managing the affairs of LUSCSL, despite limitations. Some expressed their concern that only one member of the management committee has been placed on the IMC and alleged that this is because of his political affiliation.

Secretary of dissolved committee, Ms. Esme Yangapatty, who worked at the LUSCSL for over 20 years before joining the committee, said they are aware of the areas that they fell short in and they were in the process of putting their records in order to take to membership. “Somehow we were doing it, even though cost of electricity hardware and services has been inflated.”  They have been working together as a team, paying over 50 workers and raising their salaries with a five percent Christmas bonus yearly. “We ain’t no thief, thief man couldn’t get lights running all the time,”  she continued.

Chairman of the Committee, Charles Sampson said the correspondence sent by the Acting Chief Cooperative Development Officer (CCDO), Debbie Persaud, has been rejected and the new IMC is not recognised. He said legal action will be taken against the Department of Labour, since due process was not taken.

This decision to dissolve the board was as a result of complaints which led way for an investigation. The investigation revealed that the Coop was mismanaged.

The Interim committee members are Ms. Renee Mac Donald, Mr. Winston Caesar, Mr. Hilton Lyle, Ms. Wanda Richmond, Mr. Courtney Handy, Mr. Leon Greaves and Ms. Latoya Walks.