April 19, 2024



Coomacka FC and Eagles United take first victory for Upper Demerara Senior Men’s League

Players of Coomacka FC

The Upper Demerara Football Association on Sunday hosted the opening of the return to play senior men’s league tournament at the Mackenzie sports club ground. Strikers FC came against Coomacka FC in an intense match up but it was Coomacka who reigned supreme securing a 4 –0 victory over their competitors. On the winning side Cassius Campbell clenched the first goal of the season in the 19th minute, which was followed by Shaquille Frank in the 30th minute, in the 47th and 56th minute of the game, the Captain of the team Wheatland Thom, secured two spectacular goals.

In the second match of the night, Eagles United and Hi-Stars came against each other in an intense battle with Osapha Ross of Hi-Stars scoring in the 2nd minute of the game, Kendolph Lewis from Eagles United responded in the 28th minute, followed by Jermain King from Hi-Stars in the 30th minute, Deon Charter in the 42nd minute and Colwyn Drakes in the 45th minute and 77th clinched the victory for the returning champion Eagles United.

Players of Eagles United

The opening ceremony saw a march past consisting the thirteen participating teams and the Linden Band Corps. Assistant Technical Director of the Guyana Football Association Mr. Bryan Joseph noted that the country is witnessing a significant dynamic in Guyana’s Football History. “It’s the first time in Guyana’s football history that we have all nine regional associations playing football simultaneously, all around the country leagues are being kicked off”.

The Association’s president Wainewright Bethune challenged players and administrators of the game to make a statement “my challenge this afternoon is for us to look at ourselves as all part of the puzzle and we unite and make input that would only bear positive results”

The next game will be played May 20, 2022 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground, Winners Connection will come up against Capital FC in the first game and Topp XX will battle Milerock FC in the second game.