March 5, 2024



Kara Kara toll booth finances being audited

By Abiola Archer

Kara Kara toll booth

The Local Government Commission is currently conducting an audit on the finances of the Kara Kara toll booth, which is managed by the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC).

The audit was spurred because of statistical evidence which continues to show discrepancies in the income generated from the toll booth. A comparison was previously done with financial records from the Guyana Forestry Commission, when the reports showed a significant decease in the income. Allegations were then raised that pilfering was taking place at the toll booth.

A representative from the Local Government Commission spent one week at the LM&TC doing the investigations but no report has yet been presented to the Council. The Finance Department along with the Constabulary Department of the LM&TC are actively involved in this audit so that all reports and documents can be presented within a timely manner.

After one week’s work with the auditors at the LM&TC, the Local Government Commission then asked for all documents to be compiled and sent to Georgetown by May 25, 2022. Treasurer of the LM&TC was given the task to compile all relevant documents for such; witnesses and approval documents were signed and same was sent to Georgetown.

Deputy Mayor Wainwright Bethune, months ago,   asked for a comprehensive investigation to be done by the LM&TC’s Administration into the pilfering of funds that is collected at the toll booth and now, in a recently held statutory meeting he asked what adjustments have been made internally, given the information received about the suspected malpractices. Bethune said he believes that those information should have spurred a change at the internal level to curb the situation. He believes the administration is reactive in dealing with the situation and this is costing the already cash strapped council.