June 12, 2024



Linden cosmetologist targets niche market with ‘hat wigs’

Cosmetologist Kashana Bacchus and some of her ‘hat wigs’

By Vanessa Braithwaite-Moore

Women have busy lives. There are guaranteed bad hair days at least three times a month. Linden’s cosmetologist Kashana Bacchus, has the perfect solution for those bad hair days. In fact, if you purchase her product, there will actually be no bad hair days on your calendar. Her sleek creation of ‘hat wigs’, is a delusion that you actually have a full head of braids or a newly installed wig under a stylish bucket hat or any other trending hat of your choice. Bacchus, who is a teacher by profession, has taken up this new business venture as a ‘side hustle’, more so that she is a certified cosmetologist.

‘Hat Wig Exclusive’ was birthed in April 2021, and has since cemented itself into the niche market through aggressive promotion on social media platforms such as Tik Tok.  Bacchus would model her own affordable products showing the convenience of having one, by pulling off a look that often takes hours to traditionally get. “I was inspired by someone out of Guyana and I thought it would have been interesting to see how it will take off in Linden…..I thought it would be really helpful for women, because sometimes we want to go out or we have somewhere to be but our hair isn’t combed properly, so the ‘hat wig’ is something we can pull on and still look classy,” she explained.

Bacchus who is a mother of three, said she was also considering options for a second income to be better able to provide for her family. “I always like beauty and cosmetology, I have a certificate in cosmetology and I was looking for something to do along that field, so I tried the wigs and so far I enjoy doing it,” she explained. The process entails purchasing the hats and weave; sometimes she journeys to Georgetown to get them at a more affordable cost, then she sews the hair on the hat before braiding them. On a free day making one of the wigs normally takes hours however when she is taxed with her other responsibilities, it takes a few days.  ‘I chose hat wigs and not regular wigs because everybody is doing wigs, and I haven’t seen it really in Guyana, so I wanted to bring something new and unique that would help women with a busy schedule.”

Bacchus said while her business is evolving slowing, she sees it thriving into something big in the next five years, where she can acquire a show room for the wigs and also sell other cosmetology products. “I’m not giving up on it because I see it going somewhere; I think it is unique and I can even teach my daughter the skill,” she said. Bacchus is encouraging other working women, if the time will allow them to also consider options for a second income.  “One income is never okay especially when you have kids like me, so side jobs can be pursued, especially in something you have a passion for.

 Persons interested can contact Keshana Bacchus on 671-6271. The prices for the wigs vary depending on the customer’s demand. Any purchase of a ‘hat wig’ also comes with a free sun glasses.