June 21, 2024



Seven homeless following Amelia’s Ward fire

The house that was gutted by the fire

Seven persons, including a bed  ridden pensioner and four children, are now homeless after a fire gutted their Amelia’s Ward home on Tuesday. Matriarch of the home Triviata Flemming, told INFO 10 that the fire occurred about 11:30 hrs. Her 19-year-old son heard a crackling sound in the ceiling and upon inquiring, he realised smoke was emanating from it. He raised an alarm and tried to retrieve his documents from his room but was unable to do so. “He said by the time he go for his documents, the roof cave in and all he could a do is pick up his grandfather and head out,” the distraught Flemming related. “We were’nt able to save nothing, the house is relatively new, it was fully furnished, all the appliances, electronics, air conditioner, fridge, freezer, washer and dryer, everything,” she said.

Flemming said she built her home about nine years ago and never had any electrical issues with it, so for the fire to start in the ceiling was surprising to her. Flemming said she and her family are currently seeking lodging at her sister and are trying to secure basic items such as clothes. Her daughter who is a Grade Six student needs to get back to school as early as possible. She lost all her text books and school supplies that were recently purchased for the new school term. “Any help we can get I am thankful, I am grateful for any assistance. Anyone desirous of helping the family can contact Miss Flemming on 649-0843