February 21, 2024



US Embassy’s Civil Affairs team to collaborate with RDC for community-based projects

Regional Chairman Deron Adams engaging members of the US Embassy’s Civil Affairs team

The US Embassy’s Civil Affairs team will be collaborating with the Regional Democratic Council to undertake a series of health and community development projects. The team recently met with Regional Chairman Deron Adams where new team members were introduced. The new team will be led by  CPT Martin Mann.

The US Civil Affairs team has collaborated with the RDC on a series of projects to the benefit of residents across Region 10, including partnering with SAFE Guyana Inc. and the council to execute Mental Health workshops in several areas in Linden as well as at Coomacka and Kwakwani.  The collaboration also included the execution of a massive medical outreach clinic held on Fathers’ Day at the Egbert Benjamin Exhibition and Conference Centre and community engagements in several areas of Linden, including Kara Kara.

CPT McDonald shared her appreciation for the very helpful nature of the Regional Chairman and council as they worked to complete the various projects her team was engaged in.  She was also enthusiastic over the experiences she had working with the residents, expressing optimism that the new team will build on these relationships to the benefit of the people across Region 10.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, extended the commitment of the RDC towards facilitating the efficient execution of the work of the Civil Affairs team, sharing that collaborations like the ones entered into with organizations such as SAFE Guyana Inc. and the US Embassy Civil Affairs team are necessary to fill the gaps between projects from the public sector and those significant contributions that NGOs and private sector partnership can bring for the residents of Linden and Region 10.  The new team will focus on executing projects in various communities across Guyana over the next six months.