June 12, 2024



Wismar to get fire station

With the increase in fires over the last year in Linden, the Guyana Fire Service is seeking to construct a Fire Station on the Wismar shore which will allow fire fighters to rapidly respond to fires and other emergencies by avoiding the hassle traversing the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge sometimes bring. Residents have been calling for a station for some years now.

Making representation for the station was Region Ten’s Fire Commander, Courtney Springer. In an interview aired on a television programme on NCN Linden, Springer said the process to acquire the land and funding for construction has already started.  “I am fighting along with the personnel for Linden extremely hard to get this fire station ‘over the river’. So far, we are at a phase of procurement of the land; we have sent a budget and hopefully next year we will have a fire station ‘over the river’,” he is quoted as saying. For 2022, there are 20 reported fires for Linden, many of which occur on the Wismar shore and many of which saw the building being completely destroyed by fire.  “Most of these fires occur ‘over the river’ and by the time we get there, the building is being destroyed. This is most times because of the traffic congestion, and the bridge, and by the time we reach the distance, it takes to reach the scene of the fire, the building is destroyed”.

In addition to a station at Wismar, the fire officials are also making representation for a fireboat and hydraulic platform. Linden is the only town with a river running through it and is also gateway to many riverain communities in the Upper-Demerara River.
Presently the town has three fire tenders, two of which are not in proper working condition. A fire tender was also recently commissioned in Kwakwani.