May 26, 2024



Regma Primary School sweeps all four winning trophies at Inter Primary Championships

Students of the Regma Primary School participating in the march pass

At cycling, swimming, track and field events, the Regma Primary School was declared champions of the GTU Upper Dem/Kwakwani District 10, Inter-Primary Sports, with 259 runs. Howell Wilson Primary from Ituni, copped the second position with 251 runs, while the One Mile Primary, placed third with 233 runs. The small hinterland team showed that they were ‘little but tallawah’, by giving the Linden schools tough competition throughout the day’s races.

Defending champions Amelia’s Ward Primary was no match for this year’s top performers as the school managed 98 runs, however, did not go home empty handed, but copped second in the march pass and the best banner category. Copping first in both the march pass and banner, was the Watooka Day Primary. The marchers caught the spectators of the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground with their bright yellow and blue costumes coupled with excellent choreography, being led by a Queen marcher. Their well decked-out cheerleaders also were a catcher for the day with their dance moves. The Regma Primary School, copped third in the march pass while the One Mile Primary School copped third in the banner category.

students of the Watooka Day Primary participating in the march pass

This is the first time after two years competitive sports were enjoyed by teachers, students and parents. The activity was well organized, and spectators expressed great enjoyment with cheering and chanting throughout the day. The unique and creative march-pass outfits were also the talk of the day. Prior to these track events, the schools competed in field and swimming events during the last week. On Friday, the Inter-Secondary Sports events were held.