April 15, 2024



Three pensioners now homeless following Poker Street landslide, operator found safe

A drone shot of the aftermath of the landslide (Andrew Major image)

Three pensioners are now homeless following a landslide which occurred on Wednesday morning in the vicinity of Poker Street, Wismar Linden. Contrary to initial reports that one of the excavator operators who was working at the time was suspected to be trapped under the aggregates, private contractor Symon Harry, owner of B Harry Lumber Yard, related that all workers are safe. He explained that the operators were at the time digging to locate a drain which he believed if found, would have alleviated the water situation the community has been experiencing for some time. “It was a drain I was trying to find; we were getting water problem in the community for some time, however like he went to close to a pocket of water and that pushed down the whole thing,” he related to INFO 10. Harry said an artificial pool was constructed on top of the hill as a means of storing water, since the community frequently experiences water shortage.

He said efforts to clear the debris, will be executed by his company as well as the reconstruction of the two houses that were destroyed, leaving at least three pensioners homeless. “Right now I am trying to get trucks, a front-end loader and so forth to cart off the stuff.”

Meanwhile Regional Executive Officer, Dwight John, said a newly constructed community access road which was executed by the RDC, was damaged in the landslide.

The community remains without electricity following the incident.