May 26, 2024



Region 10 RDC preparing to spend $5.9 B 2023 budget

Regional Executive Officer Dwight John

The Region 10 Regional Democratic Council (RDC) will commence advertising of contracts for capital projects for 2023, on Wednesday. This was confirmed by Regional Executive Officer Dwight John, who related that this year, capital projects will be rolled out before current.

A few weeks ago, a total of $5.9 B was passed in parliament for the region. Emphasis will be placed the health, public works and education sector.

For public works, $141,790 million was allocated for the construction and rehabilitation of several roads and bridged both in Linden and outlying communities. High on the agenda, are the rehabilitation of the bridge at Hururu; the rehabilitation and upgrade of roads at South Amelia’s Ward, Retrieve, Coomacka and Nothinghamshire.

For the education sector, a total of $456,200 million was budgeted. High on the agenda is the completion of the Bamia/Amelia’s Ward Primary School.

Moreover, $194,200 million was allocated for health services in Region 10. Projects such as the construction of the Mabura, Muritaro, and Ituni health centres and doctor’s quarters at Mabura; rehabilitation of regional drugs bond at Mackenzie and living quarters at Calcuni; the extension of the West Watooka, Great Falls and Rockstone health posts; the construction of a storage bond at Bamia Health Centre and the enclosure of staff quarters and construction of walkway at Retrieve were catered for in the budget.

Meanwhile Regional Democratic Councillors, have expressed concern that the budget is not people-oriented and does not meet the desires of the residents which were shared during public consultation.