March 4, 2024



RDC considering taking legal action against REO for dereliction of duty on Mash day

  • Lindeners called out leaders for politicising the activities
the single float at the Linden Mash

Regional Chairman Deron Adams,  said the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council(RDC) is considering taking legal action against Regional Executive Officer(REO) Dwight John and Deputy Regional Executive Officer Seewchan along with other members of the administration for not executing the instructions of the council as it relates to Linden’s Mashramani 2023 which left the commemoration committee in an embarrassing situation, revelers without food and water and the parade with one small float.

 Though Lindeners turned up in their numbers on Sunday to enjoy the festival that was birthed in their hometown and that was absent for two years as a result of COVID-19, there was little to be seen in terms of floats and many were confused about the route of the proceedings.  Lindeners were also disappointed that the after mash concert that was advertised, was not held. Many took to social media to express their frustration over ‘the tug of war’ between regional officials which mostly affected vendors and others who were expected to provide services for the event. On Monday, Adams and other elected officials of the RDC laid the blame directly at the feet of the head of the regional administration and said legal action will be taken.

The REO he said, acted in direct contravention to the lawful instruction of the council to not participate in the festivities in Georgetown and to utilize the resources budgeted for commemoration, for the celebrations in Region 10. A few days before the Linden Mashramani however, the REO wrote the chairman informing him that funding will not be approved for any unauthorized spending. The REO had also written the council informing it that he is not accountable to same and described the commemoration committee as ad-hoc. “As such as the Accounting Officer, I am required to comply with the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act where the monies appropriated by the National Assembly under 801 Regional Administration and Finance- Chart of Accounts 6291 – National and Other Events are insufficient to execute the Linden Regional Mashramani celebration 2023.  Currently I would not be responsible of any unauthorized expenditures since it would be in contradiction with prudent financial management and my accounting responsibilities,” the missive stated.

The elected officials however argued that the issue was not financing, as monies are still available, but that the council decided to stand its ground and end the parade at Bayroc. The REO and senior government officials argued that since Bayroc is an active construction site, the safer venue was Christianburg. In fact, efforts yesterday were made to direct the proceedings to Christianburg, but the majority of the proceedings ended at Bayroc.

When contacted, Regional Executive Officer Dwight John, said he has not paid attention to the statements made by the Regional Chairman and that all statements will be made by the Ministry of Local Government on the matter.