March 5, 2024



Two dead, one critical as gunmen open fire on Block 22 family during robbery

Deceased buried his wife only three weeks ago

The house where the robbery occured

Two persons were fatally shot, while one is in a critical condition at the the Linden Hospital Complex, as armed bandits open fire on the family they were trying to rob. The incident occurred around 03:00hrs on Saturday morning at Block 22 Wismar Linden. The deceased have been identified as ‘Johno’ Bowen also known as ‘Uncle Johno’ and his son-in-law Emanuel, who is said to be a Brazilian National. Another family remember identified as Denzil was shot to his mouth and is critical.

According to a neighbour, the deceased recently came from the interior where they work. It is believed that the bandits thought they had gold and cash in the house, but they were only able to escape with a laptop and some other items. The males in the house attacked them with cutlasses which resulted in them being chopped to the back. They however opened fire and then escaped on foot. Police are still on the hunt for the bandits.

Uncle Johno only buried his wife three weeks ago.