June 12, 2024



APNU confident of holding on to majority in Linden

……scores rally at constituencies’ motorcade

The A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is confident that the party will have a landslide victory at the upcoming local government elections and its leaders and constituency representatives told residents that the party is the only one that has Linden at heart. As the days wind down for constituents to go to the polls, the two main contesting parties which include the People’s Progressive Party, are trying to convince the electorate to vote in their favour. Last night, scores of persons joined APNU in a motorcade which culminated with a rally at Four-Corner, Wismar, Linden.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton was the featured speaker and highlighted the need for residents to vote for representatives who will not be ‘yes-men’ to the governnment. He said the party is the only one that has Linden’s interest at heart and will ensure that Linden is transformed into a self-sufficient agricultural town. He also outlined the APNU’s plans for national elections and said that LGE is preparation for these bigger elections. The opposition leader promised to increase- the threshold to $150,000.00, increase minimum wage to a figure that citizens can live comfortably month to month, institute a national school’s transportation programme so that students across the country can be transported for free and to implement policies and programmes that will take citizens out of poverty rather than to give them hand-outs. “The people you see around them is not about service, our candidates are about service, our candidates are about representing the people, so when you go to vote, you must recognize that when you vote APNU you vote for service and representation,” Norton said.

Meanwhile Constituency One representative Sharma Solomon highlighted various issues within the eight constituencies and urged Lindeners to vote for representatives to fix these problems. These include riverfront development, recreational facilities, education delivery, land allocation and job creation. Solomon argued that the government is merely completing projects started by the APNU such as the synthetic track and the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge and reminded residents that the coalition only had three years of spending power. He said the APNU candidates will work on the communities’ behalf.  “Those are the sort of representation councillors must make on your behalf not for representatives that will shake their heads and allow to whatever to happen…” he said.

In addition to Solomon, some of the other candidates are Vanessa Kissoon, Kwesi Parkes, Alicia Bentick and Marissa Robertson