July 13, 2024



“Every promise we made, we are going to keep”- VP Jagdeo tells Lindeners at thanksgiving event

…..400 grants, 300 part-time jobs and $1.6 B in roadworks earmarked for Region 10

A section of the crowd at the thankgiving event

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) told party supporters on Friday at the Watooka Guest House, that despite not winning any of the constituency seats at the Local Government Elections, all promises made relative to development, job creation and support at the municipal level, will be kept. Specifically, he said 400 small business grants will be distributed and 300 more part-time jobs will be provided in both Linden and Kwakwani. In addition, $1.6 B in road rehabilitation contracts will be awarded for Region 10 which will ensure local contractors benefit and by extension residents will gain employment. This is in addition to the construction of the Mackenzie/Wismar bridge that will commence before the end of 2023.

In the health sector, the government plans to modernize and upgrade the Linden Hospital Complex and equip same with a CT scan as well as other equipment that will reduce the time and resources used by residents to access these health services in Georgetown.

Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo addressing residents of Linden

Jagdeo said that the party made the greatest inroads nationally in Linden as there was an increase of over 500 percent in votes. “There are going to be lots of development in this area.” The general secretary was confident that the PPP/C will make greater inroads in Linden at the 2025 general and regional elections and the 2026 Local Government Elections. Today I am very, very happy, every promise we made, we are going to keep and you matter to us not only at election time, but every time,” he said.

The PPP/C won over 2000 votes in Linden, which allows the party to hold two Proportional Representation seats at the Linden Mayor and Town Council. It is not sure who will take up the seats as yet.

Meanwhile, the A Partnership or National Unity (APNU) will take up 16 seats. Sharma Solomon who has been touted for Mayor of Linden, said the council will hold the government accountable in providing the necessary resources needed to serve the people effectively.