July 13, 2024



BOSAI blocks independent media operatives from covering commissioning ceremony

BOSAI’s security personnel on Friday were given strict orders by the company’s management to not allow independent media personnel into the compound to cover the commissioning of the MAZ project where H.E President Irfaan Ali was giving the feature address. In an attempt to provide coverage, media operatives representing Kaieteur News and INFO 10 Media were not allowed in and were told only NCN would be allowed to enter. This was witnessed by regional officials who were upset by the treatment of the media by the company. In an effort to intervene by the officials, Public Relations Officer Sherry Domer, said no such order was given to the security personnel however Domer allegedly related this to other media personnel prior to the programme.

The decision to block the media out, particularly Kaieteur News’ Linden correspondent is suspected to be because of a recent article published on a code of conduct that contains a clause which seeks to prohibit employees from engaging the media on company-related issues. When the article was published, Domer contacted the journalist, who related that she did not write the article and that her grievances should be made with the Editor.

Regional officials expressed disappointment on how the media was treated on such a significant day for the company and Linden. Regional Chairman Deron Adams said that was part of the reason for him prematurely leaving the ceremony.

Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira also expressed disappointment over the incident and said he will be writing BOSAI for an explanation. “The fourth estate helps not just by reporting and providing information but also by keeping elected officials, individuals and businesses in check in relation to the laws of the country.  This being a monumental occasion for the company and the community at large, it is worrying and it begs the question why would a company that is integral to the economic sustainability of this community with the largest employ of people with over 500 staff as private company, not want the community via the media to share in this level of investment that will benefit the community with boosting investors interest and increasing the prospects for the creation of more permanent jobs opportunities for the people with the community.”