May 23, 2024



Late night fire leaves Poker Street family of six homeless

…….Fire fighters suspect arson

A fire that erupted around 22:30 hrs. on Tuesday evening has left a family of six which include one child and a pregnant woman without shelter. Family member Lovern Jacks told INFO 10, that she was at work when she got the news. No one was at home at the time. Though family members rushed home after hearing about the fire coupled with swift action by the neighbours and fire fighters to save the three-bedroom flat concrete home, these efforts proved future.  “Nothing, nothing ain’t get to save, we lose millions because the house was fully furnished, three chair set, two freezer, one fridge, bed and everything, nothing, nothing ain’t save,” the distraught Jacks said.

She related that family members only recently pooled their resources together to renovate the house in excess of $2 million dollars. In the preliminary investigation, Jacks said arson was suspected and investigating ranks are currently probing the matter. Family members are now seeking refuge at various relatives’ homes. “Right now it is very much difficult at the moment, one of the girls getting baby, all the clothes everything, everything burn up, we might gah bunk on one another tonight to sleep somewhere,” she said.

Jacks and her family lived at the home close to three decades. Anyone willing to assist the displaced family can contact Lovern Jacks on 6867106