June 12, 2024



Young Linden’s Agri-entrepreneur launches modern agricultural supply store

some sections of the Pro Growth store

 Agri-entrepreneur Eron Alonzo has taken his agricultural business pursuits a step further with the establishment of a multi-purpose agricultural supply store in the Mackenzie Market. Pro-Growth Agricultural Supply and Pet Store offers a wide variety of supplies for livestock, cash crop farmers, kitchen gardeners and pet owners. His desire he said, is to contribute to Linden’s growing agricultural sector by providing affordable and durable supplies for those pursuing agriculture. The recently opened store has a variety of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, supplements, farming tools, medication and accessories for pets and livestock amongst other items. Alonzo said his intention is to also support climate-smart techniques and best practices and items such as shade-house nets are available.   

Alonzo initially started his entrepreneurial journey with selling seedlings or mature plants that are ready for transplanting. He however decided to expand his operation to further meet the growing agricultural needs of his community. “I see the agriculture needs of my community are growing and I wanted to get on board with this growth, agriculture means a lot to me, and I am passionate about this new journey I have embarked on,” the twenty-six-year-old said.

Alonzo grew up in Wisroc, Linden, in an extended family comprising of mainly entrepreneurs, farmers and agro-processors. Seeing his family working in the agriculture field motivated him take on the mantle.

Alonzo graduated from the Mackenzie High School in 2013 as a successful agri-student and subsequently attended the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA).

After graduating from GSA in 2015, he went on to the University of Guyana to further his studies in agriculture. In 2019, the young man emerged the holder of a Bachelor of Science (BSc Agriculture).

While being the holder of a Degree increases the chance of acquiring a job, it can still be struggle to actually acquire a job in Guyana. As such, the young man took the step to start his own business. Pro-Growth was launched in 2020.

“What motivated me to start my business was all the frustrations and agony that come with getting a job as a BSC holder in Guyana, it motivated me to think outside the box and be an entrepreneur,” he related.

Since launching his business in 2020, the agri-entrepreneur said that more and more persons are getting involved in gardening.

“When I first started, there were people in the community with a genuine love for agriculture, so they gravitated towards the business idea first. But as we go along, persons who were being faced by challenges such as inflation, started buying plants and farming,” Alonzo related.

The agriculturist indicated that while it may be a challenge to get the majority of Lindeners to farm, Pro-Growth will continue to promote agriculture in the town.

“For so many years we were stuck on doing bauxite and we are comfortable with having trucks and farmers coming from other regions and selling the products and carrying away all of the money out of Region 10. So adjusting our mentality to doing agriculture is sort of a challenge,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Alonzo said that it is important for persons to grow their own food, adding that it will benefit them economically.

“If you want to save money, farming is the best way to do so especially in this time of inflation. Grow your own food-get the plants, the fertilizers, limestone and other materials needed and put it down and you will see an economical benefit on your behalf from planting your own food and trying to be food secure,” he posited.

Interested persons can contact Alonzo on cell phone number 6385457 or via his email, eronalonzo1996@gmail.com .