May 23, 2024



12-year-old girl, aunt perish in late night Silvertown fire

  • Child celebrated her birthday yesterday
  • Fire was allegedly set by family member

The community of Silvertown, Wismar, Linden, was thrown into mourning late Monday evening after news spread about a fire that occurred in Second Street, which resulted in the death of 12-year-old Kayla and her aunt Cheryl Moore. The fire started around 23:00 hrs. on Monday evening. The family of six was already asleep when they were awakened by smoke coming from the bottom flat of the house. One female occupant said she was awakened by the strong smell of kerosene and while they attempted to escape, they could not do so via the step leading to the lower flat, so they jumped over the verandah.

It was after they jumped over the verandah and were rescued by neighbours that they realised Cheryl and Kayla were still trapped in the house. Efforts to rescue them were unsuccessful. Cheryl’s body was found on the step leading downstairs. It was burnt beyond recognition. It also looked like something fell on her while she was trying to escape. “It was like she was trying to come down the step but the blaze was too much, the fire start downstairs but like they wake up late and didn’t get to make it out,” a neighbour told INFO 10. Around 06:30 hrs. on Tuesday, Kayla’s body was found under the step. She sat the National Grade Six Assessment earlier this year and was preparing the attend her new secondary school in September. “Up to yesterday she celebrated her birthday, happy and everything, this is very very sad,” the neighbour said.

Neighbours said that within minutes, the entire house was engulfed and when the fire tender arrived, there was nothing that can be done to save the building or those trapped inside.

 It is alleged that the fire was set by a family member who is now reportedly in police custody. “I don’t know if he set it on purpose, if they had any problem or so, but like he does ‘go and come’ (mental breakdown), I don’t know if he wasn’t in his right senses or what……but when it happen he run and hide,” a family member said. It is unclear whether at the time, the family and the suspect had any dispute. Investigations are ongoing.

Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira who is also a resident of Silvertown and was on the scene, said this strategy is a great loss not only to the family, the Silvertown community, and Linden but to the entire country. “I was deeply saddened by this occurrence and, moreover, to learn of the passing of a 12-year-old child who celebrated her birthday, the said day. I saw the pain of her mother’s grief, and it was unbearable. In this difficult situation we saw a community came out and lend support and it show strength in unity and it is this unity I want to encourage the people of our community to let us work together to help rebuild the home of this family and seek help for this family in providing counselling and emotional support they will need.”