June 12, 2024



Region 10 officials renew calls for fire station at Wismar

Following the early morning fire in second street Silvertown, Wismar, Linden that resulted in the death of 12-year-old Eukeila Adams and her aunt Cheryl Moore, the Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 and the Mayor & Town Council of Linden, in a joint statement, said the tragedy has allowed for renewed calls for a fire station to be placed at Wismar. “As your elected representatives, the RDC and the Municipality have continuously represented the need for the provision of a Fire Station at Wismar to address these emergencies. Indeed, given the terrain of the communities at Wismar, the restrictions posed by the current configuration of the Wismar-Mackenzie Bridge, and the geographic expanse presented for coverage by this section of the town, this call for the construction of a Fire Station was taken up by the 9th Council of The RDC and the 11th Council of the municipality as soon as they assumed office.” 

Recently the two agencies adopted four areas of focus for attention based on reports from the various security agency heads, the foremost of which was the urgent need for the provision of a Fire Station at Wismar. The other three issues included the installation of fire hydrants across the community of Linden, the increase of the use of synthetic drugs such as molly in the community and the high prevalence of persons battling mental health issues in Linden. “The provision of a Fire Station at Wismar was not only discussed, but has been advanced locally to the stage where land has been identified and secured for the building of this much-needed facility at Wisroc and several appeals have been made to the Ministry of Home Affairs and publicly for this structure to be budgeted for and constructed urgently.” The officials further called for not only the construction of the building  but the hiring and training of the requisite fire officers, acquisition of fire tenders, including those suitable to traverse the terrain presented at Wismar and all of the other input necessary for the commencement of this service to our residents be pursued at the earliest opportunity.