July 19, 2024



Young Linden promoter on a mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry

By Abiola Archer

29-year-old Ryan Singh aka Papa Dush is passionate about his new journey as a promoter and promises that his efforts will result in party fanatics in the mining town of Linden enjoying an entertainment industry that is filled with versatility. Presently the young promoter will be hosting one of Linden Town Week’s highly anticipated event- the General Back to School Party, which saw the concept being birthed out of a social media feud following a school’s back to school event. Like any ingenious entrepreneur, Singh believes that parties and other entertainment events should target specific and unique desires of the target audience, so as to create memorable experiences.
Speaking to INFO 10 on how the idea was birthed, Singh said, “the New Silvercity Secondary School (NSSS) had just kept its first back to school reunion for old students and persons from other schools were throwing shades saying that the NSSS is a lame school and they never win an inter school sports”. Singh further explained that at that point the idea came to mind. He then recollected on the times when friends attending all schools usually meet after school on the Wismar bus park where they had the chance to hang out before heading home. He said, “a redo of what we had on the park, everyone in one space is needed.”

Singh started his journey in the entertainment industry in August of 2016 at the age of 21 when he and a group of friends promoted their first event which was an ALL Black party at L&L club. This became an annual event 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, which resulted in it being held in December. Realizing that the entertainment industry is a promising one with potential to become a successful entrepreneur, Singh decided that there is need to move his event from a hustle to a recognized business venture. He the thought of a name to personalize his entertainment business and came up with the name Bujwa Entertainment.
Growing up, Singh said his parents were always there and they always provided. He said he had his first summer job at the age of 13, and his favorite sports were football and basketball. He also enjoyed liming with friends and getting away to go to the famous Library 3 Club. He attended the Watooka Day Primary School, then graduated from the NSSS in 2012. He then had the opportunity to attend the Guyana School of Agriculture and graduated with a certificate in Forest Management. He read for a degree in Forestry Management at the University of Guyana, which he successfully graduated from in 2017. When asked how did he manage to promote the events while studying, he said, “with hard work, dedication and consistency things always fell into place.” “I’ve always taught myself to keep pushing forward.” He explained that life was most challenging when he relocated to study and had to adapt to the new environment in Georgetown.
Given that promoting parties is a seasonal business venture, he is currently in the finishing stages of establishing another business called Bujwa Jewelry which will be located in Amelia’s Ward. He is hoping to launch this venture in December 2024. Services to be offered include, crafting of jewelry, gold buying, consultation, and foreign exchange. Singh also promised to continue developing his brand by improving his annual events and will be developing new concepts. He also hopes one day to utilize his degree in the natural resources sector under any commission forestry department.
Bujwa Entertatiment will present the first annual GBS event on May 1st at the Retreive Hard Court from 14:00 hrs to 02:00 hrs. There will be a one-man band for the older folks and other DJs, conga drums, bond fire, local artistes performances, games, along with foods and drinks on sale and prizes to be won for the school with the best décor and the class that has the most attendees at the party. Singh will also host another party- Denim and White on May 5th 2024, at the same venue.