July 19, 2024



Former Amelia’s Ward squatters commence process for land titles

On Wednesday, the first 167 persons who have been squatting at Amelia’s Ward, Phase Four, in Linden, Region Ten, were given the opportunity to sign up for their Certificates of Title at the Linden Foundation Secondary School.

The Amelia’s Ward Phase Four (4) area was owned by National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) back in 2021, when the Central Housing and Planning Authority(CHPA) team visited and promised to regularize the area for squatters. Over 400 house lots were allocated in the area after two years of transformational efforts executed by CHPA in collaboration with the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission to survey, register, record and plan, to create a truly sustainable and valuable community. Today, 167 former squatters were called to sign up for their land titles.

The Honorable Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, led Wednesday’s exercise along with Mr. Gladwin Charles, Central Housing and Planning Authority’s Director of Community Development. Rodrigues explained that 18 new housing areas were identified which will enable the allocation of 24000 house lots so everyone who applied since in 2019 will be given house lots. She encouraged citizens not to squat since a sustainable community with proper drainage, roads, schools, commercial businesses, hospitals etc is essential for living conditions. “We will address every single one, you have nothing to fear, Government is working to make the service available to you, everyone will be addressed. There is no need to take any alternative moves because the Government is here for you,” she said.

Regional Officials including the Mr. Deron Adams, Regional Chairman; Mr. Dwight John; the Regional Executive Officer, and Mr. Jermaine Figueira, Member of Parliament were also present at the activity. The former squatters expressed appreciation for the move executed by the Government.