May 23, 2024



Six Linden beauties to vie for LTW 2024 crown

The six delegates vying for the Miss LTW 2024 pageant

Six delegates are participating in the Linden Town Week ‘Queen of Hearts’ Pageant which is slated to be held on the 26th April, 2024.

The pageant will be the first event of the town’s birthday celebration and will be hosted by MNRS entertainment group. MNRS are the initials of the organizers of this event, namely, Michael Bonds- Photographer and Graphic designer; Dr. Natallia Jordan – Doctor and youth leader; Renee Adams- Educator and Cosmetologist and Setra Oselmo- Beauty Expert, Educator and entrepreneur. This year Miss Linden Town Week pageant is coordinated under the theme “Queen of Hearts” which was derived from the Linden Town Week theme “Linden-the Heart of Guyana”.

The six delegates are Keiana Ward, Tatiana Osborne, Olincia Borne, Judy Simon, Ariesa Griffith and Moneisha Trotman. Their platforms represented are the Water Wheel, the Linden Martyr’s Monument, the Centennial Arch, the Winfred Gaskin Highway, the Mackenzie Wismar Bridge and the Blue Lakes respectfully.

Organizers of the LTW Pageant 2024

Renee Adams one of the organizers explained the aim of their organization in the promoting industry is to create a positive impact. “Our aim is not set on making a name but ensuring we leave earth making an impact in the life of everyone we encounter. We chose the area of pageantry because it’s a cultural activity that many young women look forward to during the celebration of our town. Over the years this has been taken advantage of, so MNRS took it upon ourselves to make sure it is done the right and safe way to empower these women.”

Ticket locations for the pageant are the World Access Top Up Shop, Michael Bonds Photography, Redline Snackette, Sister &Sister Beauty and Sweet Treats Icecream Shop. It will be held on the lawns of the Egbert Benjamin Conference Center starting at 19:00 hrs.

Persons desirous of sponsoring any of the delegates can contact the number 5926190680.