April 15, 2024



Distribution of cash grants begins in Region 10

The distribution of the $25, 000 COVID-19 cash grants has commenced in Region 10 on Monday. The communities of Moblissa and Bamia were first targeted and distribution is presently being done in the new schemes of Amelia’s Ward, which include Second and Third Phases and Empire Drive. On Tuesday distribution commenced in  Kwakwani, Ituni and Hururu. 

Approximately 14, 000 households  will benefit from the initiative, according to Regional Coordinator, Andrew Forsythe.  On Tuesday Forsythe said that 700 households have already benefited. ‘14,000 households in Region 10 will benefit from the $25,000 COVID-19 cash grant, to date 700 households have benefited”, he said.

A resident of Region 10 recieving her COVID 19 cash grants

 Registration is being conducted on the spot and the cash grant is then handed over to the householder. In cases where there are more than one households at one residence, the primary householder will receive the grant first, then the other householders will be required to complete a pink form, which will qualify them for the grant at a later time. 

For not-at-homes, the distribution clerks will return to the householders at a later time or day, in an effort to ensure all households benefit from the initiative.

 Residents of Region 10 expressed gratitude to the Government for initiating the process countrywide, which aims to alleviate financial hardships brought on by the pandemic. Alison Griffith of Amelia’ Ward said, “I am grateful, this can help me with a month’s food supply.”      Moses Forde, a resident of Kwakwani Waterfront said, “I appreciate the initiative the Government has taken, with Covid, we can’t get as much as we do normally, so I am thankful for the helping hand the Government has lent and would like all Guyanese to be appreciative.” 

A resident of Region 10 recieving the COVID-19 cash grant

  Another resident of Kwakwani waterfront, Desmond Edwards remarked, “It could have been more, but I am grateful for the small mercies.”

Grants are being distributed daily between the hours of 08:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs.