May 26, 2024



LMTC mulls moving Linden/Georgetown parking out of central district

Drivers plying the Linden/Georgetown park in a meeting at the LMTC (LMTC photo)

The Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC), is considering the establishment of a parking facility on the outskirts of the township, for buses and cars plying the Linden to Georgetown route. Speaking at the Annual Christmas Policing Presentation on Tuesday, Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell, said that the council envisions a modern and cluster free central business location and one of the moves needed for such a transformation, is the removal of the park to a location out of the township. The council is working assiduously to improve the aesthetics of the township.

She said that buses and cars plying the route will be permitted to drop off passengers in the township, but will be parked at another location. She was at the time addressing concerns of limited parking in the central Mackenzie location. With a massive increase in private and hire vehicles in the mining town, parking in the Mackenzie area has become significantly difficult. Citizens raised their frustration over the matter and called on the relevant authorities, including the police, to bring a solution to the issue. Only recently, in observance of Road Safety Week, the Region 10 Police Traffic Division, painted and erected a number of traffic signs across Mackenzie.

Arrindell said for such a move to be made, it will call for the vision of our people to change and for them to embrace modernity, as the council projects Linden becoming the second city in Guyana. Her remarks came one day after car drivers plying the Linden to Georgetown route, protested the instructions of the LMTC to relocate from the Coop- Crescent park to the stipulated Linden/Georgetown Park. With placards labeled, “we shall not be moved”, “this is our park” and “the Mayor has no vision”, drivers affirmed that they will not be moving from the current location to the stipulated park.

They expressed concern that such a move would create conflict with them and bus drivers, who are their main competitors. They also expressed concern that with several businesses operating on the park, their operation of soliciting passengers will be hampered and they will not be as comfortable as they are presently. They also believe that relocating will significantly reduce their daily profits.

In a statement, the LMTC said that the council is acting in accordance with the Municipal & District Council’s Act (Chapter 2801) part 4 paragraph 272 and 274, which stipulates the functions and power of the Council, subject to the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, the Roads Act and the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

The statement said that the council has made steps to improve the services at the park and has increased security with the support of the police. “Mayor Arrindell expressed concern that the willingness to organize themselves shown by the drivers only was evident if they are given the opportunity to stay at the riverside, and urged them to understand that as the city grows, changes must be made to accommodate such growth.”

In a telephone interview with INFO 10, Mayor Arrindell said that the instruction for drivers to relocate is immediate and if drivers fail to do so, the police will get involved in the matter. Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said however, that park issues fall under the ambit of the LMTC and not the police. The police however will get involved if the drivers block the road.

Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell engages a driver plying the Linden/to Georgetown route (LMTC photo)