December 2, 2023



Rhema Family Foundation pushing youth empowerment in Region 10

Founder of Rhema Family Foundation Mr. Idi Clake

Founder of Rhema Family Foundation Idi Clarke, believes that youth empowerment through communal support, can play a pivotal role in the advancement of the economy of Region 10. He believes that many youths residing in the bauxite region are not looking for hands outs but for the necessary support to become financially independent.

In this regard, the American-based Lindener, Idi Clarke, launched the Rhema Family Foundation, which is a subsidiary of Rhema Transportations, to empower the youths of Region 10 through financial, technical and moral support. Already the Foundation has provided a full scholarship to Linden’s top National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) student Britney Peters, who was awarded a place at Queen’s College. In addition, four young entrepreneurs were awarded with the capital for their business venture. “Rhema Family Foundation is a project I decided to embark on to empower the people of my community, especially young people. Its sole purpose is to give counsel, financial and physical support, mentoring, and community togetherness,” Clarke said.
The philanthropist said he believes that the greatest alleviation of poverty is self-empowerment and is therefore urging youths to think independently and creatively, rather than to wait on handouts. “I’ve traveled to the community and tried to get a feel of some of the needs of the people and I think if they can get the mentorship and some assistance, we will not just have economic growth but community development, togetherness and less crime, since youths would be meaningfully occupied in developing themselves.”

Region 10 NGSA top student Britney Peters receiving funding for her scholarship from a representative of Rhema Foundation

Clarke said he believes members of the diaspora can play a pivotal role in the transformation of Linden’s economy by first of all educating themselves on what the needs are in the various communities and to provide for those needs according to their means. It does not always have to be financial support. Linden youths he said, don’t need handouts, but just a chance to better themselves.