April 19, 2024



Region 10 Police Division 10 kick starts Christmas policing

As we approach the busy holiday period, residents of Region 10 can feel safer while shopping, socializing and conducting financial transactions as the Region 10 Division of Police has launched its Christmas Policing Initiative, which will see an intensified focus by ranks to mitigate crime and traffic offences. At the launch on Tuesday, Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said it is the police’s mandate to serve and protect and to ensure the safety of citizens residing in the jurisdiction. Given that the holiday period sees heightened financial activities which open way for opportunistic crime, there will be increased police presence in the township as well as communities, to avert activities of criminal elements.

Senior Officers of Region 10 Division at the Christmas Policing Launch

Deputy Commander Dwayne DeHearte related that the Division is committed this holiday season, to minimize the occurrence of criminal activities, reduce traffic congestion and road accidents and provide a safer and secure environment for businesses, shoppers, citizens and visitors. More importantly, the Division will be enforcing all COVID-19 restrictions to ensure citizens, particularly entertainment spots, abide by the gazette order. During the Christmas period Dehearte said there will be increased anti crime and traffic road blocks, stop and search and intelligence led operations, all in keeping with COVID -19 measures. These will be done at vulnerable and key points in the Division.  Following this intensified approach, it is expected that there will be safer communities, safer shopping environment, enhanced personal awareness and security and improved police community relationships.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant and to provide timely information to the police that will result in them arresting criminal elements. Residents are also urged to practise and maintain all COVID-19 measures particularly when choosing entertainment during the holiday season.