June 25, 2024



Amelia’s Ward man critical following chopping

 A resident of Amelia’s Ward, Linden is in a serious condition after he was chopped about his body several times by two men on Tuesday evening.

According to the police, Junior Lewis called Yankee”, age 35 years of Bamia Trail, Amelia’s Ward, Linden, was chopped about his body by two male suspects.
Enquiries disclosed that the victim, sometime during Tuesday night, was walking along the Bamia Trail to go home when he was attacked by two men who dealt him chops to his left hand and left him lying on the ground.
It was until Wednesday morning, that a farmer, traveling along the same trail saw the victim laying on the trail and summoned the police.
The Police on arrival at the scene observed that the victim had two gaping wounds on his left hand. He was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and admitted as a patient.
The investigation is ongoing.