March 5, 2024



Caring for Others launches ‘Hot Meals With love’ programme in Linden

With pensioners and vulnerable residents of Region 10 in mind, The Caring for Others organization in collaboration with the Silver Town Action Group, launched the ‘Hot Meals with Love’ programme, which is an initiative to provide free breakfast for pensioners on pension day at the Wismar and Mackenzie Post Offices. On Monday, pensioners were treated to a hot breakfast which included herbal tea, cheese sandwiches and fresh fruits.

Country Representative of the organization, Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, said that in addition to feeding pensioners on pension day, free hot meals will be shared in the various communities  weekly, to persons who cannot afford such a basic necessity. He said during his community engagement activities and following dialogue with the Silver Town Action Group, it was observed that many families cannot afford food and this programme aims to tackle poverty in some of these communities.

 Relative to providing meals for pensioners, Figueira said that the initiative also seeks to give back to pensioners who would have served the community for many years. Many of them are only surviving on their old age pension, which is not deemed enough to provide for their monthly expenses. “Many of these pensioners leave home on pension day without anything in their stomachs and then they are forced to stand in the broiling sun, in long lines waiting. This is not good for their physical health and so at least being provided with a hot meal can give them the stamina to endure the waiting period,” Figueira said.

 In addition to the meals, Caring for Others, also rented a tent and provided chairs for the pensioners. In the near future, the organization plans to construct a more permanent structure.  Caring for others has executed scores of charitable ventures in Linden such as toy, clothing, food and health care drives.