May 23, 2024



LMTC not consulted on 1000 homes project

Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell

Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell has chided the Government of Guyan,a for working in isolation in regards to the 1000 homes project, that should commence before the end of 2021. In January, President Irfaan Ali, had announced that his Government, will be constructing 1000 homes to bring a solution to the housing challenges that presently exist in the Region 10.

To date, Arrindell said no consultation was done with the Linden Mayor and Town Council, the elected body that governs the operations of the town.

To date there has been no consultation whatsoever by this administration and the town council,” Arrindell said in a recent interview. “This development falls in the township, no consultation, no documentation and works apace to get this done; if you respect a local democratic organ, it is only reasonable that you engage them and tell them about the potential development that could benefit the people in the town.”

Similar sentiments were shared by Deputy Mayor Wainewright Bethune, who said the consultation needs to be done and the input of the council is needed, for a project of this magnitude.

“We talk about inclusion and working irrespective of political affiliation and all of that, we would expect a conversation like this,  there is no blue print, no conversation with the Mayor of a Town and this project going full speed ahead,” the Deputy Mayor argued. While engaging stake holder such as NICIL and Lands and Survey, the Deputy Mayor urged the government to take a bi-partisan approach, in the interest of the people.  

Speaking at the Watooka Guest House in January 2021, President Ali promised Lindeners that as a result of these houses being erected, jobs will be provided for the people of Linden.

President Irfaan Ali greeting Regional Chairman Deron Adams

“These homes come as a promise by the Government to create and establish sustainable communities.” he said.

In the budget Guyanese were promised 50,000 house lots which were to be constructed across the country and 1000 homes were promised for the people of Linden.

In addition to the 1000 homes being constructed, the Ministry of Housing and Water is seeking to develop 600 acres of land, which will result in the regularisation of over 2000 house lots. During a recent community consultation, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues, urged residents to desist from squatting and to be patient and cooperative with the government, as it provides sustainable housing solutions.