February 21, 2024



Our dreams have been shattered

Dear Editor,

As I am sitting here , I’m filled with frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, basically a lot of emotions at this point.
On the 29th April, 2021, approximately sixty student nurses from the Charles Roza School of Nursing, were suspended immediately until further notice, both from the Register Nursing Programme and the Nursing Assistant Programme.

We did not get any answers as to what was the direct cause of our suspension , our Principal Tutor said “he was just as clueless and shocked as us but is working on a way in which we can do zoom classes, 60 percent classroom, 40 percent online. So we were thinking it had something to do with COVID from what we were told. One of the students asked, “Brother, do you know how long until we can return to school?” He went on to say “I have no answers other than, they(MOH) are looking over the logistics, we will keep you updated as information comes in”

Today is day 12 and we have not gotten any answer as to why we were suspended other than what is being rumored. Madam Editor, we need answers and we need it now! It is not fair. It is not fair at all. Students feel neglected and that the MOH has failed them. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes because I invested a lot , we invested a lot , our parents, husbands, wives etc, invested a lot of money and time for it to look like it’s all going to go down the drain. Most of us were on the waiting list since 2018. When we were finally called, we were so happy because we were one step closer to fulfilling our dreams. Now we are left here with no rational explanation as to why! Dreams shattered, hopeless, sad but still praying. We need answers, we want to voice our concerns. I’m calling on the Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony and all relevant authorities of the Ministry of Public Health to give us answers. Why don’t we have answers? We needs answers.

Your’s truly

Deshaawnna Youlanda Dest