July 19, 2024



All is not well at Kara Kara Call Centre

  • Scores resign while many others sent on temporary pause

The Kara Kara Call Centre that was recently open for business in Linden, is already experiencing challenges with employees, as scores of youths who were employed just October, have already walked off the job, while many others were sent home for poor performance. The situation resulted in employees threatening to protest against the company, while many reached out to regional officials to express their disappointment with the system.

Several of the past and present employees reached out to INFO 10 and revealed that the payment they was promised, which for many is $35,000.00 per fortnight, was not the reality when they checked their bank accounts. “What we were told and what was in the contract, is actually not the case, you are supposed to draw $35,000 per fortnight but when you go to the bank is $19,000.00 or $28,000.00 you collecting. When you find out about it, they are telling you, you have a way to check your hours on the system but after two days, you couldn’t check your hours anymore, so is like whatever they tell you, you have to go with,” one employee who left in November alleges. She further alleged that when she left, in that same week about nine persons also walked off the job. Another employee that left in December, said that 24 workers walked off that same time.

One employee speaking under anonymity, said that presently the company is short of staff. Another employee who was sent home temporarily, told INFO 10 that the pressure to make successful transfers is very high and once that is not done, she alleged that your hours are not being counted, even though you are at work. “It is very hard to make transfers, persons would curse at you and insult you and then you have these rebuttals that you have to remember like 24 of them and if you are not quick enough, persons would not buy the product,” one former employee explained, who was placed on temporary pause because of poor performance. In her letter it was stated, “At this time, there is no other campaign or client to add to you, so the company has made a business decision to place you on pause without compensation, until we can add you to another campaign.”

In January some employees reported that they received as low as $2000.00 in their bank accounts. In a WhatsApp message sent out by a MIDAS BPO top official, he expressed his disappointment with the way things turned out for the company that recently opened its doors. He was calling on employees to expose those who were plotting to speak to the media about the situation or those who wanted to stage a protest. “Midas and its managers have done nothing but make every effort to bring meaningful work to you and Linden, at the cost no one can afford. We have been doing everything in our power to make this work, granted they are growing pains this alleged behavior does not represent gratitude but entitlement. Other regions are begging for an opportunity like this but we chose blindly Linden, I do not want to fully regret my decision.”

Midas Business Process Outsourcing Incorporated, opened its doors in September 2022, with the hope of hiring 250 Lindeners, by June 2022. The Kara Kara Call Centre was renovated with the hopes of providing employment for Linden youths in the telecommunications industry. The Toucan Connection Call Centre closed its doors in 2015.