May 23, 2024



De Sheriffs Entertainment re-emerge into Linden’s entertainment industry …….with mega international concert

De Sheriffs Entertainment Directors

By Abiola Archer

De Sheriffs Entertainment, a Linden-based entertainment company, has made a striking come-back into the local entertainment industry with the hosting of one of Linden’s most highly anticipated events for Linden Town Week 2024- the International Mega Concert featuring  featuring Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Singer Rick Ross and renowned Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Valiant along with local artiste One Dan and popular DJs. This collaborative effort with Dream Team Entertainment, will see an international artiste of such caliber making a debut performance in the mining town. Director of De Sheriff Entertainment Lincoln Zephyr said that after several years of not promoting events, the group’s aim was to return to the entertainment arena, ‘with a bang’, as well as to ensure whatever venture the group was embarking on, must have a ripple effect on Linden’s economy and to pave a way for Lindeners to enjoy top-tier entertainment right in their home town as they are forced to travel to Georgetown to enjoy entertainment of this ranking.

De Sheriff Entertainment’s mission, since its first event in March 2011, was to provide Lindeners with quality entertainment choices ranging from concept parties, regional shows and coordination of pageants. Indisputably, De Sheriff Entertainment was the first entertainment promotional group to host the ‘All Black’ party concept in Linden. This paved the way for many other concept parties and other entertainment events such as a soca show at the Mackenzie, Sports Club Group featuring soca artiste ‘Lil Rick’.

After many years of successful ventures, the group took a pause on entertainment but have been urged to return to the industry by party fanatics who enjoyed the standard of entertainment the group brought to the mining town. “We thought about it and we didn’t want to just return for the sake of returning, we wanted to make a statement as we are used to and so went the hard way to ensure Lindeners are given entertainment of value at this upcoming town week by having an international artiste right in their home town for the first time,” Director Lincoln Zephyr explained.

He further noted that the group ensured it went beyond hosting parties but was equally passionate about its social responsibility, hence coordinated several not-for-profit activities such as school forums and elderly luncheons. The group also hosted two successful Linden Town Week pageants.

Speaking on the LTW 2024 International Show, Zephyr said, “It’s really a joy to be back on the frontline bringing back top tier entertainment to Linden, at a time when the town will be a spectacle for the world, we aim to really put Linden on the entertainment world map with this international mega concert ….the economic boost and drive in which we aim to come upon Linden through this year’s event, must be remembered and regarded for a long time.”

He emphasized that, ‘the small man’, must be able to benefit from the show from all business backgrounds and many measures will be implemented to ensure this, one of which is to facilitate free vending for the show. Vendors will only pay for the infrastructure needed to establish the vending space. He also highlighted that ticket prices were set very affordable with early bird prices being set at $6,000.00.

The show ill be held on May 6th 2024 at the Retrieve Community Ground.