July 13, 2024



Nin-Tec’s Homemade Ice-cream to launch new yummy flavours

—-Entrepreneur Jafaar Monroe eyes big dreams for the company

By Naomi Marshall

Jafaar Monroe, Owner of Nin-Tec Homemade Ice-cream

For more than five years, Nin-Tec has been providing Linden with rich, creamy, delectable, homemade ice-cream in the flavours vanilla and strawberry. 

While ice-cream may be just another dessert, Nin-Tec’s Homemade Ice-cream is far healthier than factory made ice-cream.

Nin-Tec’s Homemade Ice-cream not only has less sugar, fat and calories than factory ice-cream but it also has more calcium, protein and vitamins; it is smoother and tastes fresher.

The face behind Nin-Tec is 37-year-old Jafaar Monroe, Owner and Manager of the company.

Monroe grew up in Retrieve, Mackenzie, Linden surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs; both his mother and father are entrepreneurs.

He attended the Mackenzie High School where he entered the Agricultural Science stream. He was also able to study business subjects such as Accounts and Principle of Business, which gave him the opportunity to nurture his entrepreneurial mindset that he already possessed.

After successfully graduating high school in 2001, Monroe immediately entered the entrepreneurship realm, following in the footsteps of his mother and father.

On a daily basis he would help his mother manage her snackette.

Nin-Tec Homemade Ice-cream

“My favourite part of it all was being in the kitchen helping mom baking different stuff. I always in the kitchen trying to help bake something or mix up something,” Monroe said.

One of the sweet treats made by Monroe’s mother was milk icicle which paved the way for the production of homemade ice-cream.

“My mom used to make and sell the milk icicle on a small scale and then the business started catching on. So to expand our business my mother started doing the homemade ice-cream on a small scale and everyone started loving it and the business started growing from there,” Monroe related.

Monroe related that, Nin-Tec has been receiving endless support from the community which is why he is motivated to continuously expand his business.

Monroe is currently developing new yummy flavours to Nin-Tec’s list of ice-cream.

The father of one, indicated also include in his future plans for the business is to become a wholesale supplier to supermarkets and corner shops around Guyana.

He also wishes to create a factory to increase production and provide jobs for persons within the Linden community.

Monroe is advising youths to be goal oriented, a trait that has pushed him to become a successful entrepreneur for more than a decade now.

“Mainly you got to be focused and stick to your goals. Know what you want in life and to be honest you have to get faith and be strong, you cannot give up, you got to keep fighting all the time, no matter what, never give up,” he stated.

To get your Nin-Tec Homemade Ice-cream, visit Nin-Tec’s store at 245 Greenheart Street, Mackenzie, Linden or contact Jafaar Monroe on 6761245.

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Caption: Jafaar Monroe, Owner of Nin-Tec Homemade Ice-cream

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