May 23, 2024



Construction of Bamia Primary going according to schedule

Construction workers on the Bamia Primary School site

The construction of the new Bamia Primary School, in third phase Amelia’s Ward, Linden, has commenced and is going according to schedule according to Principal of St8ment Investment Inc, Aubrey Major. Chairman of the Public Works Committee, Eleze Benjamin, visited the construction site on Monday and reported that 70 percent of the work on the school’s foundation is completed, five percent of the columns is completed and the  first batch of casting will be done by March 1st 2022. She also noted that 39 persons are employed on the ground of which 35 are Lindeners. This was confirmed by  Administrative Officer Cheryl Adams and Technical Officers Akani Blair and Micheal McDonald.  Benjamin also related that safety is highly enforced on the grounds since councillors were not able to enter the construction site without being fully equipped with safety jackets and helmets.

Major in a telephone interview told INFO 10 that he is pleased with the progressed made thus far.  “It is progressing well and in line with the government’s estimated time.” The building was awarded to his company to the tune of $365 M.  It is scheduled to be completed within 20 months of the signing of the contract, which will enable students of the community to occupy the building by 2024.

The facility will house up to 800 students. The facility is expected to accommodate social distancing and will include smart classrooms.

Regional Executive Officer,  Dwight John, said he is pleased that the project is going according to schedule.