December 11, 2023



Ituni girl secures seventh place in Caribbean at CAPE subject

CAPE top performer Shania Foo

A Mackenzie High School student who hails from the hinterland logging community of Ituni, has placed seventh in the Caribbean for Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing (Unit 1), at the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), which she wrote in 2021. Shania Erica Foo is the only Guyanese student on the top 10 list for the region, for this particular subject area. The overjoyed Foo who is now pursuing CAPE Unit II subjects at MHS, said her pursuit of vocational subjects, is simply out of love; she received all the support needed from her family and teachers to break the stereo type, that women should only pursue conventional career paths. “I feel overwhelmed and joyful to achieve this, especially in the field that I love,” the aspiring architect said.

Her love for the field blossomed in Grade Nine when she realised she was gifted in Technical Drawing; her teacher was very inspirational in enabling her to remain focus, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made learning more challenging. “I would like to thank my teacher, Shavin Greene who has been an inspiration since Form Three,” she said.

Prior to COVID-19, Foo also had to experience the challenge of living away from her immediate family, in an effort to pursue secondary education, since her home community does not have a secondary school. She attended the Howell Wilson Primary School, which she said was the start of her “solid academic foundation”.

“My parents have always been 100% supportive of me. They knew my potential way before I did and they have played a huge role in ensuring that I keep on fulfilling whatever goal I set out to achieve. It is truly a blessing to have a family like mine and I will continue to make them proud.” Her encouragement to other students who may be in a similar situation of having to leave their home to attend school, is to remain focus despite being in a new environment. “Don’t let anything distract you from your goals,” she said.

In addition to attaining a Grade II in Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing, Foo wrote five other subjects of which she all obtained passing grades. She obtained a Grade I in Information Technology Unit 1 and a Grade II in Geography. The very ambitious and determined Foo said she will not stop until she obtains her PhD.