March 5, 2024



$5.3 B budget allocated for Region 10

A total of $5.3 B has been allocated for the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region for budget 2022. The sum of $1.1 billion is for health services, $352 million for public works, $75 million for agriculture and $281 million for regional administration and finance and $3.4 B education delivery. The education programme received the largest allocation for the year.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall brought clarity to the capital expenditure of $316.5 million budgeted for provision of schools, quarters and retention.

“We have begun construction of a new school at Bamia and we have to budget $177.5 million this year,” the minister said.

The contract for the construction of the Bamia Primary School was signed in November 2021 and is being constructed by St8ment Investment Inc at a cost of $364 million.

“We also have extension to the furniture making lab at the Linden Foundation Secondary, also an extension of the agricultural lab at the Linden Foundation Secondary,” the local government minister said. The extensions will be executed at $30 million and $35 million respectively.

The sum of $13 million will also go towards outstanding retention works on the Christianburg Primary School which houses 349 students.

He said a teachers’ quarters will also be constructed.

“This has been a sore issue for a long time along the Mabura Road at 58 Miles Village. So, we will be spending about $32 million for the construction for the teachers’ quarters to accommodate at least four non-resident teachers.”

The Muritaro Primary School which houses 52 students and five teachers, will also be rehabilitated after it was damaged in the massive flood last year.