March 31, 2023



Young Lindener’s love for animals goes a far way

29-year-old Anita Narine is a lover of animals. She currently has four pet cats at home and spends a lot of her time and resources feeding and caring for stray animals. Daily, Narine feeds stray animals, including cats and dogs and even leaves bowls of store-bought animal food and water in public areas for them to enjoy. Her routine also includes purchasing flea and tick sprays, taking animals into her home, providing medical assistance for animals and ensuring animals are left in their natural habitat.  “Too many animals are being abused and are being strayed. Sometimes left on the road or gutter to starve to death. It’s something I love and I would always do but most times quietly.”

Narine is currently working on establishing an animal shelter in the Linden community for persons who want to stray their animals. Her main objective is to reduce the number of stray animals in Linden as they are often starved or left in harm’s way. “Many say it’s a nice initiative to feed the strays in Linden cause not many people have the patience and time to feed them. While some say, oh is strays we could leave them. But over all, it’s a very nice thing to do because as most people say they don’t have the time to deal with it and look at strays as though they need help”, she posited.

She always has pet foods in her possession to feed strays  on her way to and from work, on holidays or anytime she is free. “The first couple of times I used funding from my pocket and I did it because it is something I love doing. And eventually over time a few business owners and residents would have made contributions to make the activity even more successful. As it is right now, I’m accepting any amount of donations to have another successful ‘feeding of the strays’ activity on Good Friday.

Narine also tries her best to seek medical assistance for the strays. She revealed that the last attempt to save a horse’s life in January 2022, proved futile and it broke her heart.  Narine called the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  and an officer gave her a number to call a representative in Linden. “I made the call on January 31st, 2022 and I kept checking in to see how the horse was doing and on February 17th, 2022, the person who I was communicating with said they were waiting on the owner to call them to do the treatment.  “I saw him in front of NCN with a hole on his body and you could have seen the organ inside him. I tried to make contact to get help but unfortunately they did nothing and the horse died, poor thing”, she expressed.

Narine said her love for animals is more than casual and would continue to dedicate her time and resources to ensure strays are taken care of. Anyone who wants to stray an animal can contact her and she will take good care of them, while persons who are interested in making donations to assist in her ‘feeding the strays’ activity, can contact her on 6585835.