December 11, 2023



Three Lindeners awarded US $30,000 for their agro-processing businesses

Three agro-processors from the mining town of Linden were awarded US $30,000 each to scale their businesses and take “Brand Guyana” to the world. The 2022 Economic Development Accelerator awardees from Linden are Dwayne Wade, owner of Country Style Foods; Dianna Plowell, owner of Pleasurable Flavours and Tasmin Pillow, owner of Taz Foods. The other two awardees of the project are Osric Hacker, producer of Vanilla Extract and Graceann Parris, producer of Pepperpot Beef.

In addition to the grant, the awardees will also benefit from a year of coaching which will position them for the export market and to compete with leading brands across the region and internationally. The awardees were enrolled in the course since last year and were engaged in actual classes, completed assignments etc. before qualifying for the grant.

Pillow’s product, ‘Cook-Up in a Cup’, will allow Guyanese to enjoy this traditional meal in less than 30 minutes and still get that bursting authentic taste, that makes Cook-up rice such a delicacy. Customers have a choice of either microwave or stove-top packages and are guaranteed the same healthy wholesome flavours that are enjoyed from a regular pot of Cook-up rice. Taz Foods also recently launched a ready-to-make Pasta product. ‘Cook-up in a Cup’ is the latest invention and Taz Foods is already working on new products. Her other signature products include bottled green seasoning, a luxurious garlic sauce and pepper sauces.

Dwayne Wade’s plantain chips from Country Style Foods – a local snack manufacturing company, is the first product in his snack line-up. This well-packaged, tasty, high quality, crispy, crunchy snack, is one of the first to grab to appease a munchies crave. Not only is it the definition of standard in its packaging but the product itself is well flavoured with natural herbs, free of oil and crispy to the last bite.
Wade said, he realised there was a large influx of plantain chips and other snacks made from local ingredients being exported into the country. As a result, he wanted Guyanese and the rest of the world to see that locals can manufacture something of the same quality and even better. “

` PLEASURABLE Flavours’ is a Linden-based business known for its wide range of products including pepper sauce, green seasoning, all-purpose sauces, sweet pepper relish, condiments, creole snacks and other products, `Pleasurable Flavours’ is one of the first Linden-based brand of products that has been made available in supermarkets across Guyana. Her latest production is the meat and fish coating aimed at reducing the time in the kitchen to add seasoned flour to meat and fish before deep frying.