June 6, 2023



Illegal structures continue to be a challenge for LMTC

-68 illegal structures recently constructed

By Abiola Archer

An illegal structure that was recently dismantled at LHC

The establishment of illegal structures for vending, dwelling or  security purposes in the municipality, continues to be a sore issue for the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC),  even as plans are afoot to create community market spaces, to initiate a more organized and structured system for vending. In a previous report from the administration to the council, it was determined that there were 68 newly constructed illegal structures in just one area. With the increase in this illegal activity, the council has agreed that those found culpable, be issued with seize orders. Only recently, the council was forced to remove illegal structures at the Linden Hospital Complex that were erected by the management of the hospital.

In a recently held statutory meeting, the council called on the administration to report, the total number of illegal structures that have been erected in recent months, but a report is yet to be submitted by the Town Superintendent, Ian Ali. It was noted in a Works Committee meeting, that the Buildings Department and by extension the Engineering Department is grossly understaffed and the administration is working on a strategy to better address the situation.

“If we have adequate staff we can cover a wide area, but our staff can only cover so much” Ali posited.

Councillors however did not sympathize with this excuse and posited that the reason for the delay is  staff possessing a reactive attitude and the lack of an efficient and structured system however, the administration is working on restructuring and strategizing so that they can report better, Ali said. Councillors were also encouraged to not only do site visits in their constituencies but to also report on illegal structures.

Persons who want to build or amend buildings within the town are asked to first visit the Buildings Department of the LM&TC to be issued with the necessary approvals. Those failing to do so,  will be issued with a seize order or their structures will be dismantled.