March 5, 2024



Linden listed as one of the most frequently visited places locally for 2021-2022

Local tourists enjoying Kayaking in the Kara Kara Blue Lakes- PC Elite Kayaking

In observance of World Tourism Day, the Region 10 Tourism Committee has noted that the mining town of Linden is listed as one of the frequently visited destinations in Guyana, over the last year. It has been noted as well that there has been significant increase in tourism prospects and interest in tourism products in Region 10. Weekly, scores of domestic and foreign tourists journey to Linden to partake in the many aqua-tourism and eco-tourism activities available, such as kayaking and hiking.

Chairman of the Tourism Committee Devin Sears, in a statement said the committee is excited to continue the journey in contributing positively to the growth of the emerging tourism industry within Region 10 and by extension Guyana. “Tourism continues to be one of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and while the outlook still remains highly uncertain, our organization notes an increase in tourism prospects and interest in products within Region 10,” the statement said.

With effort to diversify Linden’s economy, tourism is slowly becoming a key pillar in our economy with the creation of jobs and growth in the hospitality sector.

While the industry is still recovering from the pandemic, the committee believes that real recovery will only be possible when international tourism fully returns. “This requires global/regional co-operation and detail evidence-based solutions. The survival of businesses throughout the tourism ecosystem is at risk without continued government support and although government has taken some commendable actions to cushion the blow to tourism, to minimize job losses and to build recovery in 2022 and beyond, more needs to be done, and in a more coordinated way to include all stakeholders.”

An image of the Linden Blue lake PC- Show the World Guyana

Some of the policies that the committee is seeking to have recognized include the support for tourism-based businesses, rebranding where needed, promotion of more domestic tourism, provision of adequate tourists guides and building more resilient, sustainable tourism products, amongst other things.

“Tourism is at crossroads and the measures put in place today will shape the tourism of tomorrow; that is why observances such as World Tourism Day is key in showcasing what each region in Guyana has to offer, the flaws in products which need to be revisited, restructured or repackaged; the endless opportunities that exist to redefine the future of generations to come and the possibilities which should not be limited by circumstances,” the statement said.

Only this week, the government announced that it will explore every opportunity to develop Linden as an ideal tourist destination.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the grand cricket carnival Regatta held at Blue Lake, President Irfaan Ali, said Linden has all the elements to become a masterpiece high-end luxury eco-resort.

He said the Kara Kara Blue Lake has nature, sand, water, and the space to build such a facility.

“Our objective here is to build a tourism product here with a host of activities all around Guyana using cricket carnival, our culture, and our geographic space as advantages and making the best use of the advantages and the competitive advantage each region has,” President Ali underscored.

“A lot of people don’t even know this exists. People from overseas when they saw this, said wow, where is this? That is what we have to do in this phase to showcase the opportunities, to showcase the different advantages we have. And in that, I think it’s a great success, a grand success,” the President said.