May 23, 2024




On Saturday ExxonMobil in collaboration with New Era Entertainment launched the Linden U18 Secondary Schools Football Championship which will be held during 2023 Linden Town Week celebration.

At the simple launching ceremony at the Watooka Guest House, Deputy Mayor, Waynewright Bethune complimented New Era Entertainment for contributing to not only entertainment in the community but also culture, arts, and sports. He posited that he is impressed that the initiative has now moved to the schools since those young players are the future Guyanese footballers.

Ryan Hoppie, Community Relations Officer of ExxonMobil said, “Our sponsorship in this tournament is part of ExxonMobil Guyana’s ongoing social investment in the community as we strive to make positive contributions in Guyana. We are especially proud to sponsor this event because we recognize the value sports bring not only to the individuals but also to the community.”

Technical Director of the Guyana Football Federation was also present, and he spoke on how important these tournaments are to youth development.  He posited that; it is from tournaments like these that players for our national teams are sifted.

Education Officer Dawn Barker also congratulated the organizers for their ingenuity in sports.  “First and foremost let me congratulate the organizers who have worked hard to materialize the activity and extent sincere gratitude to you all for giving our students the opportunity to take part in an activity that has many benefits to be derived.”

According to Kenrick Noel, Director of New Era Entertainment, the tournament will run for five days. Tournament dates are April 14th , 15th, 16th,22nd and 29th. All games will be played at the Wisburg Secondary School Ground.

Eight schools will be participating, which include the Christianburg Wismar Secondary School, Harmony Secondary School, New Silvercity Secondary School, Linden Foundation Secondary School, Mackenzie High School, Wisburg Secondary School, Kwakwani Secondary School and the Linden Technical Institute. The first, second, third and fourth place prize will be $400,000.00, $200,000,00, $100,000.00 and $50,000.00 respectively

All participating schools are mandated to submit a proposal of the school’s needs equivalent to the winning cash prizes before the tournament starts.  

Today, the New Era Entertainment group along with the ExxonMobil representative also commissioned three solar lights that were donated to the Green Valley community. The winning team of the previous tournament hails from Green Valley and also walked away with $500,000.00