June 12, 2024



Banks DIH ‘Guinness in the Streets’ one of the headline sporting activity for LTW

Beverage giant, Banks DIH launched, under its Guinness brand, ‘Guinness in the street’ football tournament which is now hosted for the ninth year as part of the Linden Town Week celebrations.

The launch was held at Golden Taste Fish shop where all captains of the various teams were present among other team players and Banks DIH Linden Branch Manager Sean Grant.

According to Rawle Gittens, an organizer of the tournament, the rules for the game include, completing registration forms, having seven players per team who are under the 18-year-and for transparency and teams will pull from a bag their opponent for who they will play against. There will be 32 teams and 10 games which will last for four nights and a total of one million dollars in prizes will be shared. The winning cash prizes for first, second, third and fourth place are $400,000 $300,000 $250,000 and $150,000 respectively. There will also be an exhibition match for the prize of $80,000 dollars.

Sean Grant, Banks DIH Branch Manager of Linden, said that Banks DIH will remain committed to building communities through sports and constructive social activities. “Banks DIH is pleased to host this tournament once again here in Linden and wants to say thank you to the team players, fans, and supporters in the marketplace. Let discipline be a key factor and remember the referee’s word is final”, he stated.

Kasim Abraham from the Street Ballers team said, “This is not my first time in the tournament, I enjoy playing and showcasing my skills”, while Kwesi Quintin from DC Ballers said, “This is a great opportunity for me and my team members to produce our skills.”

Games will be played at the Christianburg Hard Court and the Silver City Hard Court while the Mackenzie Bus Park venue is tentative for the semifinals and finals since it is under construction. Games will be played on the 21st and 26th April and the 3rd and 6th May 2023. There will be no gate fee nor entrance fee for supporters since this is a way of giving back to the community.