July 13, 2024



LFU launches Grow Up Internship programme for Linden students

2023 interns pose with LFU representatives

The Linden Fund Guyana Inc. has launched its Grow Up Internship Programme for tertiary agricultural students. Ten agricultural-based students from the Linden Technical Institute, the University of Guyana and the Guyana School of Agriculture were selected for the five-week programme which officially commenced last Friday. The initiative is funded through a grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP) implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. 

The aim of the programme is to expose agricultural students and commercial and subsistence farmers to sustainable and climate smart agricultural practices as well as to boost agricultural productivity in Region 10. The students will be exposed to holistic learning with respect to farm management and to match their theoretical knowledge with practical exposure while simultaneously providing technical support to local farmers. In addition, the programme includes the constructing of a seedling house with the purpose of producing lower-cost seedlings that would be readily available for purchase in Region 10. Interactive sessions will also be held on topics such as pest management and two virtual spotlight forums with community members to educate them on climate smart agricultural practices and the benefits of subsistence farming and promoting food security within the region.

 This initiative was highly welcomed by Regional Vice Chairman Mark Goring who said the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) pushes the importance of food security through consultation and support. The aim he said, is to bridge the gap between dependency and sustainability and believes that the region has all that the sector requires for it to grow. “Think of the RDC as a willing partner to facilitate this journey. We recognize the potential and benefit of this programme and commend the Linden Fund USA,” Goring said at the launch.

 United Nations Representative Crystal Jemmon said the very holistic and dynamic programme aims to support efforts to boost climate smart agricultural techniques by frontally addressing the effects of climate change on farmers in Region 10. The intern students will be used as technical and labour support. UNDP she says, is proud to provide funding for such a programme which targets different angles to ensure sustainability.