March 5, 2024



Vaccination campaign ramps up in Region 10

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues encouraging persons to get vaccinated today at the mobile vaccination site
  • Region 10 currently has 65 cases

As the Region 10 Department of Health ramps up the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, coordinating officers are still experiencing challenges in getting residents to take their shots. As of Friday 23rd, April 2021, 1729 persons have been vaccinated in the region. Commanding Officer of the campaign, Odetta Hyderkhan, said that the team continues to experience challenges and strides are being made to meet the masses more effectively, by establishing mobile vaccination sites across Region 10.

On Friday a mobile site was established at the Mackenzie/Wismar bus park and only 13 persons were vaccinated around 13:00 hrs. Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Mrs Susan Rodrigues, visited the mobile site along with Regional Health Officer, Dr. Gregory Harris and encouraged persons to get immunized. “I am encouraging persons to get vaccinated.  I myself have taken the vaccine.  The vaccines are safe so I am encouraging Lindeners to get vaccinated.”

Rodrigues said that for us to achieve herd immunity, over 80% of the population needs to get vaccinated and therefore the decision to not get vaccinated is not a personal one but a patriotic one, since it affects the health and wellbeing of the entire country.

Presently there are 65 active COVID-19 cases in Region 10.

There continues to be a growing concern about the rise in cases and the complacent attitude residents are displaying. Efforts will continue to go in vain, if residents continue to breach the guidelines, particularly by assembling in large gatherings.

 Vaccination sites in Region 10 are located at the Amelia’s Ward, One Mile, Christianburg, Vivian Parris and Wisroc Health Centres. The Linden Hospital Complex also remains a main site to be vaccinated.