December 1, 2023



Three Amelia’s Ward Hostel students test positive for COVID-19

Linden Foundation Secondary School

The Region 10 Regional Democratic Council have confirmed that three students residing at the Amelia’s Ward Hostel, has tested positive for COVID-19. Acting on the information, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, today convened a meeting with the Regional Education Officer Nigel Richards, Regional Health Officer Dr. Gregory Harris and head of the Region 10 COVID-19 Task Force Dwight John to address how this situation is being handled. The release stated that while some logistical issues had prevented the transport of the three students into isolation care, they are now isolated and resting comfortably since all three had presented as asymptomatic. Concern had been expressed by staff at the hostel and at the Linden Foundation Secondary School that these children had been attending classes and so may have posed a risk of transmission for other students and teachers.

Dr. Harris and R.Ed.O. Nigel Richards related that they had convened a meeting with the teachers at the school and advised that a contact tracing effort had commenced and any person who felt that they had come into contact with these students should present themselves for a PCR test to be done, after which they would be accorded a medical certificate that would allow them to isolate at home while awaiting their results. Only one teacher opted to have his test done, while the others opted out of the exercise and so remain on duty at the school.

A similar request has been made to obtain parental permission for the conduct of the PCR test to be done on the other students at the hostel and in the school who may have come into close contact with those students who had tested positive, but so far no parent has provided permission for these tests to be done.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams convening the meeting with Members of the COVID-19 task force

While some teachers are requesting to be sent home, the officials at the meeting convened by the Regional Chairman were unanimous in their determination that the only measure that would allow for the teachers to be sent home to isolate was for them to do a PCR test, which would require them to go into quarantine/isolation at home to await their results.

A team from the Regional Health Department has set up a testing station at the school to allow for the testing of any student or teacher who may want to access this service.

As of Monday, April 27th, Region 10 had 75 active COVID-19 cases and 20 deaths