March 31, 2023



Flood-affected Upper-Berbice farmers receive help

An officer from NAREI engaging farmers in the Upper-Berbice River

On Monday, farmers who experienced significant losses as a result flooding caused by the May/June rains, received tangible assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture. Last Friday, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, met with the farmers of Hururu, Ladern’s Ville and Kwakwani and pledged to the assistance that was subsequently given. This he said will be followed by a comprehensive assessment, when the flood water recedes.

On Monday, a team from Guyana Livestock Development Association (GLDA) and the National Agricultural Research Extension Institute (NAREI), visited the communities and provided drugs and veterinary services to livestock farmers and seeds respectively. The exercise continued on Wednesday. Feed, chickens and ducklings will be given to farmers when the water recedes.

One of the inundated farms in the district

During his meeting with the residents, Minister Mustapha alluded to residents, the important role the agriculture sector plays in the country’s economical growth, which further solidifies the government’s efforts in providing the needed resources and supplies, in replenishing the agricultural sector in Region 10, which is one of the four hard-hit regions.
” Agriculture is important and we believe it is our future, although we are emerging in the oil and gas sector, one day all these resources will be exhausted. This is why we have to ensure we preserve and develop our agriculture sector.
Those persons who suffered losses in terms of crops and also livestock farmers who need help to move their livestock to higher grounds or veterinary services, these services will be offered to you,” Mustapha said.

According to Minister Mustapha, when the water recedes, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted by a broad-based committee which includes the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the Civil Defense Commission and members of the various communities.